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I've Always Supported What You Support

Today,  2016 presidential candidates weighed in on Freddie Gray and the Baltimore Uprising. Despite his own son being arrested for drunk driving a week ago, Rand Paul blamed looting and violent riots on a lack of fathers and moral codes.  Clearly, if teenagers in Baltimore had fathers, after looting that liquor store, they would've drank the liquor and peacefully drove into a tree.  

While Ted Cruz blamed what's happening in Baltimore on President Obama for creating racial tensions. You know what kind of creates racial tension? Calling yourself Ted, when your real name is Rafael. 

However, most of the media's attention was on how Hillary Clinton responded.

After giving what is being called an "impassioned" speech on ending the "era of mass incarceration," Team Clinton also tweeted this... 

Boys, it's time to step up your pandering game! For example, now if you donate to Ted Cruz, he'll make your protest signs. "#BlackLivesMatter #CruzHeartsBlackPeople2016"