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#Jackass4Change: Stunts For Equality

“Jackass” star Steve-O was recently arrested after climbing a crane, shooting off fireworks, and inflating a killer whale balloon with the words “SEAWORLD SUCKS” on it. To clear up any confusion as to why Steve-O used such a dangerous stunt to protest the popular whale hospice, today, MTV declared the stunt to be a promotional tool for the upcoming fourth Jackass movie, Jackass4Change.

Producers say it’s time for the multi-million dollar franchise to give back. That’s right, the cast of the popular television show, turned box-office juggernaut, which taught teens and young adults that it is indeed possible to stick a toy car up your butt (please use a condom), will now use their fame to spread awareness on important social issues.

We received an exclusive sneak peek at four of these upcoming stunts for justice. Be warned-these descriptions may be disturbing. The stunts will be performed by trained professionals or under the supervision of professionals. Producers must insist that no-one attempt to re-create or re-enact these stunts due to them potentially resulting in positive change.

1.) Climate Change:

While visiting the North Pole, Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera challenge each other to a classic game of “Who Can Drink More Of The Other’s Urine.” At one point, Knoxville runs out of water and is no longer able to pee. Ever the fierce competitor, Bam Margera gives Johnny the last of his water supply. The two then embark on a quest to find some water that the other can turn into urine before the polar ice caps melt.

Will they survive? Will we all eventually have to drink urine? We’ll have to wait and see. Be sure to stick around after the credits to see Phil and April Margera’s top five recycling tips.

2.) Sexual Assault:

Wee-Man and Steve-O attend a frat party. Everyone is having fun; Wee-Man is drinking all night long, while Steve-O remains sober but encouraging. At the end of the night, Wee-Man challenges himself to see how many different ways he can tell Steve-O “no” before Steve-O stops touching the Wee-Man. This stunt ends with Steve-O serving 12-15 years in prison.

3.) Women’s Rights (cont’d):

Bam and Johnny sneak into a corporate work environment. While inside, they put on skirts and state-of-the-art Halle Berry masks. They proceed to see who can be offended the most by their male co-workers and bosses. In order to win, Johnny starts telling the office she’s pregnant. Stay tuned as the two get totally rocked by America’s glass ceiling, bruh.

The two celebrate exposing corporate America’s patriarchy by drinking each other’s urine.

4.)Police Brutality:

Producers claim this is one of, if not the, most dangerous stunts in the history of Jackass. A stunt so dangerous, none of the stars wanted to do it. So in order to earn their college credits, each Jackass intern was required to complete this final challenge.

One Jackass intern was sent to every city in America where an unarmed black man was viciously murdered by a police officer (yes, that’s a lot of interns). To make things even more interesting, each intern was required to bring their parents. In the presence of their loved ones, the interns allowed police officers to shoot them with pepper spray, a taser and finally a gun.  The stunt gets even gnarlier when the film crew documents the impact of each tactic on the intern, their loved ones and surrounding community for the rest of their lives. Get your popcorn ready!

Jackass4Change hits theaters this Christmas. To share your love and support for the franchise, please use hashtags #FreeSteveO, #WeeLivesMatter, and #BAMSanders16.