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Eagle Crest Property Management refuses to allow ramp for handicapped veteran

Sometimes you come across a story so heartbreaking all you want to do is help the hero succeed. However, after doing some research, you realize the hero is up against something so evil, maybe we should just give up as a country. Retire to a peaceful island far away.

Lately, that evil has come to us in many different ways; a few police officers, presidential candidates who won’t stop talking, and your inability to get the picture of Beyoncé from the Met Gala out of your head. Focus! You’re at work!

Today, we turn to something equally as dangerous as those three, a landlord in Western Massachusetts. 

The owners of a building in Chicopee, Massachusetts are refusing to let a disabled veteran build a ramp to help him get in and out of his apartment, because they claim it will take away too many parking spaces.  

Hold on, let’s look at this logically. It seems like an easy fix, right? Story gets out, property owners receive tons of hate, realize they’re evil assholes, give the veteran his ramp, and even let him stay their rent-free for as long as he wants to make up for being evil assholes. Boom! Done and done. Problem solved with enough time to go home and watch Scandal.

Unfortunately, it’s not going that smoothly. Both the owners and the property management company are refusing to rethink their decision. They aren’t even responding to criticism.  

But hey, this could also be an easy fix, right? Story goes viral, damages the company’s reputation, giving them no choice but to do the right thing if they want to stay in business. BOOM! Done and done. Problem solved with enough time to watch that episode of Scandal I DVR’d.

NOPE, WRONG AGAIN! That thinking uses way too much common sense. These guys don’t run on common sense, they run on not giving a fuck.

You can tell they don’t give a fuck by googling them and reading about the company before the ramp controversy. Mistreating disabled veterans is just their new slogan.

Go on Yelp and search “Eagle Crest Property Management” in Amherst, Massachusetts. If you’re only expecting to find a couple really bad reviews mixed in with some good ones, once again, you need to turn off that common sense.

Eagle Crest is so bad, the first pictures you see of thee company are of dead rats found in their apartments!

Not only does this company not give a fuck about veterans, they don’t give a fuck about their business. Do you know how easy it would be to upload some good pictures of your properties just so that the pictures of dead rats come up 4th or 5th instead of immediately?!

Wait a second, is it possible Eagle Crest doesn’t know the internet is a thing? Nope, wrong again! Eagle Crest has their own website, eaglecrestmanagement.com, which lists the names and phone numbers of employees.

You know what’s a fun game to play? Googling the name of an Eagle Crest employee and seeing how long it takes for you to figure out if they’re a bad person. For example, if you Google Eagle Crest and the name of one of their higher up brokers, James Beadle. Do you know what immediately pops up? That’s right, the same dead rats.

Come on, man! At least put a little effort into trying to look like a good person. Even if you search Robert Durst, without knowing anything about him, you still have to at least read something to find out he’s a monster.

And by the way, you’re defending your terrible decision by claiming tenants need parking spaces?! You live in Western Massachusetts! It’s full of parking spaces! Some people move to the suburbs just to find parking.

You know what city doesn’t have a lot of parking spaces? New York City! But do you know what we do have a lot of? Elevators, ramps, and respect for veterans. Unless they’re homeless, and asking for money, then we blame the government.

Listen, Eagle Crest, just do the right thing! Answer your phone, respond to the criticism, and show some respect! You don’t even have to pay for the ramp. The Northampton Veterans Affair Medical Center has already offered to do that. All you have to do is prove you’re a group of human beings with hearts, but if you can’t do that, maybe we should keep calling you. (413) 256-3442