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Why God Needs To Send Stone Cold To Whoop Josh Duggar's Ass

As part of his apology for using Ashley Madison, Josh Duggar asked people to pray for his "precious wife Anna."

In response, God said, "What else can I do?! I already came to her in the form of all of your sisters, who you molested (!!) and she still didn't leave you!! Are you fucking kidding me?!"

Be sure to catch God's final attempt at saving Josh Duggar's wife in the new made-for-TV movie, '19 Kids vs Austin 3:16'

Oh yeah, that's right!! You can take your TLC, you can take your Family Research Council, you can take your love for child molestation, you can take your Ashley Madison. Talk about your psalms, talk about your John 3:16, Austin 3:16 says, "I just whooped your ass!"

That's right, God should send Stone Cold Steve Austin to whoop Josh Duggar's ass.

Finally, if it's well-known you molested your sisters, you shouldn't be allowed to use words like "precious," especially to describe your wife. Though, it would have been completely acceptable if Josh Duggar said, "I'm sorry, please pray for my clearly mentally challenged, precious wife Anna."