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Due To Riots, Baltimore Closes Schools

To keep students safe from potentially violent protests, today, Baltimore public schools were closed. However, police reported that Monday night's riots were started in-part by teenagers, who were seen starting fires and throwing rocks at the police.

Teens were so involved in the riots that one mom was caught on camera pulling her son out of a crowd and proceeding to slap him for what he did. To make things worse, as soon as they got home, her son was punished even more by getting a day off from school.

Seriously?! I understand that it's dangerous, but what are we teaching kids by closing schools? That violence gets you out of algebra? 

What will kids in Baltimore think from now on? Oh, if a cop kills an unarmed black guy, it's all good, we get a snow day! But hey, even if they only get injured, we'll probably get a two hour delay!

Kids should be in school learning how to protest in peace, talking with adults about what happened to Freddie Gray, starting a discussion about what is happening in our society.

But no, instead, they spent all day at home. Probably playing Call of Duty, while thinking about the police. Except for that kid who got slapped by his mom. He might've got the day off from school, but he's so grounded. 

To be fair, there were photos going around of kids helping to clean up the city and handing out bottles of water to the police. Which is great, but wouldn't these kids learn more if they sat in a classroom with community leaders like city councilman Nick Mosby or a mentally stable police officer, while starting a dialogue to prevent terrible things like this from happening when they're adults? 

Seriously, Baltimore? Giving students a holiday after a defenseless person dies? You're sending the wrong message. Like what's next? Are we going to close schools for Martin Luther King and Columbus Da...oh, right.