Mike Lemme

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When a comedian can not only make you laugh but touch you deeply with his honesty and pain, you know you’re watching someone very special. Highest recommendation to Mike Lemme’s “Where I’m From.”
— Evan Ginzburg, Associate Producer of The Wrestler, Hosts of Legends TV
A natural performer...Mike Lemme finds wry humor in his dysfunctional family and his struggles in New York City, soliciting much laughter from the audience and proving himself to be a comedian of significant talent.
— Adrienne Urbanski, Theatre Is Easy.com
 Photo: Heidi Gutman

Photo: Heidi Gutman

Being born into a dysfunctional family, comedian Mike Lemme found himself five minutes into life’s first quarter and already down by 300. Like Lemme, “Where I’m From” is a work in progress. It’s a coming-of-age, stand-up comedy tale about a young man packing up his scoliosis and moving to New York City.

Lemme was quiet because he never knew how to relate to other kids. They would talk about sports, movies and video games, not their mom's latest suicide attempt. “Where I’m From” is Mike’s first attempt at joking about the events he let define him for years and in doing so, he hopes to become that still quiet, but really funny 25 year old. 

“Don’t worry,” Lemme says, “there will be some lighter material too. I have a great bit about being so skinny, people think I’m in rehab.”

Lemme started performing stand-up as a teenager. Since then he has been featured on PBS, written for Nickelodeon and Second City, warmed up audiences for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and was part of the production staff for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and CONAN. Mike can be seen performing nightly at some of the best and worst spots in New York City.