Mike Lemme

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 Design by  Joseph Karg

Design by Joseph Karg

“New York City is full of people dedicating their lives to chasing dreams that may never come true. That's the beauty of this city, everyone keeps fighting for what they want. I've never been in a real fight before, but I'm pretty sure they end faster than an office job. Please don't hit me.” 

In November 2016, Lemme successfully self-funded a 15-night Off-Off-Broadway residency at the Under St. Marks Theater in the East Village. Lemme turned one of these performances into his first stand-up special, Help Wanted. Washington Square News described Lemme's performance as "warm, lighthearted comedy" that "weaves multiple stories into a cohesive narrative, addressing difficult and occasionally dark topics with sincerity and hope." By mixing his cultural observations with biographical material, Lemme is "proving himself to be a comedian of significant talent (TheatreIsEasy.com)." Mike has written for Second City, warmed-up studio audiences for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and can be seen performing regularly throughout New York City and at Gallery263 in Cambridge, MA. 

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"Lemme turns his personal experiences — the struggle of dating in your 20’s, New York City apartment living and his mother’s mental illness — into warm, lighthearted comedy. The show weaves multiple stories into a cohesive narrative, addressing difficult and occasionally dark topics with sincerity and hope."
- Jessica Tien, Washington Square News.


"When a comedian can not only make you laugh, but touch you deeply with his honesty and pain, you know you're watching someone very special. Highest recommendation to Mike Lemme.'"

- Evan Ginzburg, Associate Producer of The Wrestler, Host of Legends TV

"Mike Lemme finds wry humor in his dysfunctional family and his struggles in New York City, soliciting much laughter from the audience and proving himself to be a comedian of significant talent."

- Adrienne Urbanski, Theatre Is Easy (theasy.com)


"Mike Lemme's comedy is vulnerable without being cloying, smart without condescending, and sharply in tune with the cultural landscape without ever patronizing. His perspective is unique and honest, and he connects with his audience in a way that feels inclusive and familiar. His diverse appeal is borne in his approachability, but he surprises with a sharp commentary that can be as ruthless as it is sweet." - Julia Moses, President of Let Julie Write It

"I recently did a show in a small art space with Mike Lemme and was really blown away at the depth and commitment in his writing. In addition to being drop dead funny, it was also layered and meaningful and thoughtful.  Made me want to be a better comedian." - Tim McIntire, Comedian

"He's pessimistically optimistic and tragically funny, see the man while you have the chance" - Neko White, Comedian

"One of the most likable guys on stage, I  couldn't stop laughing throughout. Go see this show!" - Josh Rosen, Comedian

"I first saw Mike Lemme perform comedy in Western Massachusetts when he was just 17. His confidence and ability to control a room amazed me. Since we first met we've traveled to shows together and stayed close. I would recommend his show to anyone who enjoys comedic storytelling." - James Tierney, Lecturer of Economics at Penn State University

"Mike Lemme is a good guy and an even better performer. He brings a playful but intelligent light to subjects that everyone can relate too." - Patrick Ryan, Comedian

"Funniest and most depressing kid I know." - Katie Jones, Voice of Reason/Childhood Friend